Wednesday, June 15, 2011

These days it seems there are a mind boggling number of Personal Trainers and fitness facilities vying to "whip you into shape".  Why train with us?  It comes down to three things;  Knowledge, passion and personal attention.
The sole purpose and focus of our Trainers is to help you achieve the best possible you.  We don't just stick you on a treadmill to "warm up" for ten minutes and then have you go through a "routine" like those impersonal, big box places.  And you will never find us using high pressure sales tactics to sell you memberships or the latest "must have" supplements.
Our mission is to provide you with individualized training that serves not only to improve your health and fitness, but that helps you to realize a true and lasting lifestyle change and an overall better quality of life.
Whether you choose our comprehensive one on one Personal Training services or join one of our awesome and uplifting fitness boot camps, we guarantee a fun, personalized and professional experience, cutting edge training methods that are safe and effective and, best of all, results!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My favorite

Fitness Boot Camps: Trend Or Truth?

The popularity of fitness boot camps is on the rise, but is it simply because they are the current fitness trend, or is there more to this fitness phenomenon than trendiness?  I can tell you from first hand experience that they are a fun, efficient and effective way to work out and achieve your fitness goals.
A few years ago, when I first signed up for a twelve week fitness boot camp, I was overweight and out of shape.  By the end of those twelve weeks, I had lost nearly forty pounds, dramatically improved my body composition, and I had a six pack for the first time in my life!  More importantly, I had fun doing it!  But the best thing about joining a fitness boot camp is that it helped me to develop positive habits and an attitude about health and wellness that will last a lifetime.
The focus of a good boot camp program is to improve one's overall level of functional fitness.  Workouts typically consist of interval based aerobic training and resistance exercise which, together, burn fat, build muscle, promote balance and stability and improve cardio-respiratory conditioning.  Such programs also have the tendency and ability to boost self-confidence, increase energy levels, improve mood and attitude and evoke and inspire an overall lifestyle change.
The motivational and fun atmosphere, accountability factor and comradery of fitness boot camps make them an ideal exercise program for those who my be less "intrinsically motivated" to exercise, and participants receive a lot of the individualized attention and benefits of one on one personal training sessions, usually at a rate everyone can afford.
So, enlist on your own or recruit a friend, and find out for yourself why boot camps are not just the latest fitness trend, but rather an excellent way to improve your health and your overall quality of life...  No boots required.

 Gary Gochenour MT, CPT,
Writter for THE BODY DOC

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Quality of life

This blog is a reminder that we can reach beyond our limits. We can achieve a better quality of life by adding some simple habits into our lives. I can help you reach your goals and become a happier you. Nutrition is number 1 in my book and can be learned and formed into habits in no time. Physical fitness and cardio come next and have enhanced the quality of  my life 100 fold. Let me share the knowledge that I have with you by following my blogs packed with useful info that you can use every day of your life. I will be posting twice a week starting on June 6th of 2011. Let's live today to the fullest and push beyond our dreams......THE BODY DOC.